Annual Interactive Art Grant

Le bateau des fantomes

The 2010 Interactive Art Grant was awarded to Jonathan Schork for Le bateau des fantomes, an interpretation of a Viking ship comprised of branches and tree limbs harvested from the community. This project is located in Key West.  You can follow the progress on the artist’s blog at

Temple of Flux

Burnt Oranges is a proud supporter of the Flux Foundation.  BOI donated $1,500 to the Temple at Burning Man 2010.

The Lifesize Mousetrap

Burnt Oranges is sponsoring a visit to Florida of the Lifesize Mousetrap.  The Mousetrap will be at Maddox Ranch in Lakeland, FL from mid October through mid November.  They will be performing shows during Big Jammalamma on October 15 & 16, other show times will be announced soon.

The Mousetrap needs much more funding than Burnt Oranges can provide, please help out at their Kickstarter project.