Annual Art Grant

Burnt Oranges wishes to support the creative work of interactive artists. The Interactive Art Grant is meant to encourage interactive artists to create inventive and innovative work and to provide the support necessary to expand their creative process. By facilitating the professional and creative goals of interactive artists, Burnt Oranges cultivates a community in which the artistic voice contributes to both the quality of life and a creative economy. The artist must provide a return to the community, by means of temporary exhibit, performance, or other community participation as defined in the Grant Agreement.

The 2016 Interactive Art Grant will be for up to $12,500.00 and will be awarded to a single project or to multiple recipients in smaller amounts. Micro grants are $599. One off exceptions will be given for larger grants upon request and review by the board and art grant committee, and recipients will be required to submit all receipts

Selection Criteria Include

  • Interactivity
  • Originality
  • Financial Need
  • Safety/Social Responsibility
  • Community Support/Involvement

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Art Grant Application:

(PDF) | (Word)

Email your proposal to:


The Interactive Art Grant is open to anyone showing serious intent and working to produce original material.

You are not eligible to apply if:

  • You have received an Interactive Art Grant within the last two years.
  • You are a past Interactive Art Grant recipient and have not submitted a grant summary letter as specified in your Grant Agreement.
  • You are a Burnt Oranges staff or board member.


The Interactive Art Grant will be awarded on the basis of the grant proposal.  Burnt Oranges will review the proposals and notify applicants of their decision by mail within forty-five (45) days of the application deadline.  The grant finalist(s) is subject to a final evaluation before funds are granted.  The artist must commit to a project deadline and enter into a contract with Burnt Oranges.  The project must be designed to be completed and presented within twelve (12) months from the deadline date.


Interactivity   How interactive is the project?  In what ways does it invite the public to touch it, move it, smell it, or see it?  How much does it depend on such public involvement for the artistic vision to be realized?

Originality   How original is the idea, medium, design, etc.? 

Financial Need   How much is the artist/performer depending on this grant?  Are there any other funding options available?  Is the artist/performer making a good faith effort to obtain every available funding option?

Safety/Responsibility   Does the project pose an undue safety risk to the public?  If so, are there measures proscribed for reducing any risk to reasonable levels?  Is the project socially responsible?  Will it help create a positive social image for interactive art and Burnt Oranges?

Community Support/Involvement   Is there community support or involvement from the interactive art community with the project?  Have they included reference letters or testimonials from the interactive art community?  Is this a project the interactive art community wants to fund?


According to the Internal Revenue Service, some grants may be excluded from taxation under certain circumstances. Burnt Oranges encourages you to contact your CPA or local IRS office for detailed information after the award of your grant.


If you receive an Interactive Art Grant you will be required to comply with the terms of a grant agreement contract, which include:

  • At the conclusion of the grant period you must provide a brief, written report summarizing how you used the project funds.
  • You must give credit to Burnt Oranges in all promotional materials pertaining to work produced with support of the Interactive Art Grant. A statement such as, “This program is supported in part by a grant from Burnt Oranges Inc.,” must be part of credits, publicity, and promotions.
  • You must grant Burnt Oranges the full and free right and permission to film/videotape/ photograph all work resulting from this Interactive Art Grant and, within their absolute discretion, utilize it in any and all fashion they deem appropriate for the purposes of promoting Burnt Oranges Inc.


Burnt Oranges maintains an appeals process to ensure that funding decisions are made on a fair basis.  The basis on which you may appeal are:

  • The review of the application was based on criteria other than those appearing in Burnt Oranges’ guidelines.
  • The final decision was unduly influenced by a Committee member with undisclosed conflicts of interest.
  • Required application information submitted by the appropriate deadline was withheld from the Committee.

Dissatisfaction with the funding decision is not justification for an appeal.  The introduction of new information not submitted with the original application cannot be used to justify an appeal.  You must initiate a formal appeal, in writing, within 30 calendar days of the date of the award-notification letter of the Committee’s decision.


  • Fill out and return the Art Grant Application. Make sure you clearly and thoroughly describe the project and explain how it is interactive with the public.
  • Clearly define your own monetary investment in the project.  List in detail any cost of materials or aids required for the completion of the project.
  • State the time frame of the project, giving a definite date of completion.
  • Give a history of your ability to professionally manage the project (stating previous commitments, grants, etc.)
  • Submit supportive materials with the application.
  • Submit a typed proposal. If you are submitting by mail you must submit 5 copies of your application and supporting documents.
  • Submit your proposal via email or mail.

Mail:       Burnt Oranges Inc.
Art Grant Committee
5337 N Socrum Loop Drive #137
Lakeland, FL 33809 


GRANT DEADLINE: Grant Applications will be accepted each year from Jan 1 – June 1

By Mail: Postmarked by June 1, 12:00AM midnight.

By Email: Email date/time stamp by June 1, 12:00AM midnight.

Letters of Notification will be mailed by July 15.

The Notification date will be July 15.

If you have any questions about this application, please contact:

Download these guidelines

Burnt Oranges reserves the right to withhold some or all of the Interactive Art Grant funds if it is deemed that none of the applicants meet the stated criteria.

Past Recipients:

Le bateau des fantomes

The 2010 Interactive Art Grant was awarded to Le bateau des fantomes, an interpretation of a Viking ship comprised of branches and tree limbs harvested from the community. As part of the annual Sculpture Key West exhibition, the installation will be located near the ocean at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park beginning in mid-January 2011, and will ask people to leave messages to lost loved ones on the limbs and branches comprising the boat.


The Nauti Bus

The 2009 Interactive Art Grant was awarded to The Nauti Bus.  This project converted an old military bus into a moving piece of interactive sculpture or an “art car”. The exterior of the bus was transformed so that the bus takes on the appearance of giant nautilus spiral shells. In addition, the interior of the bus was converted into a Moroccan themed lounge and a dance floor was built on the roof of the bus. A DJ booth was incorporated into the design as well in order to create a more complete participatory experience by providing an atmosphere where guests can dance and otherwise express themselves to music.